Team Great Big Reds… we don’t speak a lot of French. But we did some research, and we’re pretty sure that ‘accoutrements’ is the French, technical term for “nifty stuff that goes hand-in-hand with enjoying Great Big Reds.” (Pretty sure….)

As we gradually write up the fruits of our researches, this page will fill with the best of the best devices that heighten the pleasures of Great Big Reds. Some improve the experience; some improve the flavor.

You might ask: Can devices* really make wine taste better? Answer: Oh, my, yes! Stay tuned.


  • Madeleine Puckette’s book
  • The squealie
  • Riedel varietal glasses
  • travel pepper grinder
  • corkscrew
  • vacuum stoppers
  • etc.

* In fact we don’t specifically mean electronic devices that you carry around in your pocket. We mean things like glasses that are designed to bring out the flavor of particular wines, and corkscrews that are a step up from the typical.

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