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As a Great Big Reds lover, I thirst for knowledge of big, luscious wines.’s got the goods. is a cheerful, beginner-friendly website with a very pleasant design and lots of short articles on all kinds of wines and things wine-related. The attitude is young and fun. The articles range from short, easy introductions all the way to long, yet very clear explanations of the complexities of wine, wine making, and wine enjoying. They are published as a blog with a few new posts each week.

If you frequently search the internets for wine information, you will surely stumble across, whether you’re looking for a particular grape, or a region, or wondering how wine is made, or — like us — hunting for Great Big Reds. (I was searching for “full-bodied reds” when I first found it.)

While I was home sick with a cold for a few days, I browsed through the entire blog history. I learned so much I had to go back through it a second time to put it all in context.

Spoiler alert: Madeline Puckette is one of the founders. It’s easy to imagine the attitude in the articles reflects her personality. She’s also an officially certified sommelier, as well as a designer for the site and its graphics. She’s also the star of numerous informative and amusing videos.

If you enjoy the site as much as I do, you can reward them for their work by buying their New York Times best-selling book — a visually oriented reference to grapes and wine. There’s a lot to reward them for: they have over 600 articles with over half a million words. They’re popular, too: just shy of 100,000 ‘Likes’ as of 9/25/2016.

They also sell or recommend a suite of wine accessories, like cork screws, vacuum stoppers, glasses, etc.

Here are a few examples of the many tightly focused articles….

A particular grape: Aglianico.

Aglianico is definitely one of the Great Big Red, though on the tannic side:

“Aglianico “alli-yawn-nico” is a full-bodied red wine which is found almost exclusively in Southern Italy in the regions of Campania and Basilicata. Young Aglianico wines are known for strikingly savory flavors of leather, white pepper, black fruits and cured meat that when aged, develop soft dusty aromas of dried figs and sun-tanned leather. For those of us who are a fan of rustic, earth-driven wines, Aglianico is a star.”

As is common on, a graphic gives you an easy overview of the wine, and a map shows you where it is produced.

A wine growing region: Barossa Valley, Australia

Tips and tricks to enjoy wine more: Swirling

Light-hearted wine trivia: Sabering your champagne

And here are some examples of longer, more detailed — and yet very clear and readable articles….

Learn How to Taste Wine & Develop Your Palate

Where Wine Flavors Come From: The Science of Wine Aromas

The Science Behind Great Wine

Here’s a tip: you can use internet search engines to search specifically on Type whatever words you’re searching for, then add “”. You can even bookmark it: