Candlelight photo of bottle of Bogle Essential Red wine, with a glass and the cork.

Bogle Essential Red blend

This is a big, luscious wine with lots of flavors that’s easy to buy in U.S. grocery stores. You can probably find it for $13.(!!)


There are lots of flavors here, because they’ve blended four different grapes, three of which are Great Big Reds. It runs the gamut from dark fruit to spice to savory to vanilla, to earthiness. And if you sip just right… the tannin zings like a rave party in your mouth. For 13 bucks.(!)


You get a luscious wine with lots of flavor and many flavors that is easy to drink on its own and rewards attention. All that for not much money, and pretty easy to buy in grocery stores.


13.5% alcohol is the low end of what we call luscious, but a year in oak barrels adds to the lush factor. Acidity is barely noticeable if you aerate. Tannin… well, less is usually more from my perspective, but petite sirah’s grippiness combined with spicy? Party! That’s if you take a small swig that lands just behind the tip of your tongue. If you take a big mouthful, you get luscious until the very end.


Dark berries, dark plum, cherry, spice, dried herbs, strong vanilla, pretty strong earthiness in the range of cedar and juniper and eucalyptus, black licorice, tobacco. I’m pretty sure if you try a little you can come up with even more. I came up with strawberry, though perhaps that was some dark berry-ish flavor intertwined with vanilla.


This is any easy-to-drink wine. You could sit down with a glass of this and feel like you were getting more than your money’s-worth in terms of flavor and lusciousness. You can give a glass to someone who isn’t already a Great Big Reds enthusiast, and she won’t be scared away by overpowering tannin and acidity.


Yes, it’s easy and luscious to sip, but there’s so much going on that it rewards attention, too.