Team Great Big Reds Editorial: Vote! Vote Blue!

We feel compelled to say this for the wine industry, for people who love wine, and for us all.

Let’s lead again against climate change, and reduce/reverse future horrors of fires in CA and hurricanes on the coasts.

We started our small website and social channel as an escape into the lovely world of wine, but we pause here to express our hopes and dreams for progress in many areas: climate, shared prosperity, overcoming barriers to shared prosperity, and more.

There’s a better, happier future at hand in which we come together and help each other overcome hardships and traumas, and celebrate our successes with good wine that more people can afford and enjoy.

One party will bring us together as a nation and address the enormous challenges we face. Vote Blue! The alternative is lies, pandemic, and the rich abusing government to make themselves richer. Vote Blue to lead against climate change and create enormous wealth for all.

We propose: this is not a time for politics as usual, but rather a time to vote for democracy and for a shared vision of a better future. Let us leave behind bigotry, fear, lies, greed, violence, and all the rest. America always looks forward to becoming a more perfect union.

Vote! Vote Blue!

— Team Great Big Reds