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Understanding Red Wine: Three Categories

These three categories make red wine easier to understand:

– Big, luscious

– Big, craggy (‘structured’)

– Light-bodied

By ‘big’ we mean 1) lots of flavor, and 2) full-bodied, usually due to higher alcohol levels.

By ‘luscious’ we mean smooth and easily approachable — not high in tannin or acidity.

By ‘craggy/structured’, we mean high tannin — leaves your mouth feeling dry after you swallow — and high acidity — puckers the lips like eating citrus fruit.

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Rhone in the USA Day One: rough notes

Like superheroes, wine makers all have origin stories. In this case, we even call the wine makers “Rhone Rangers”, though no one wore a mask.

David Margerum’s story involves being a fourteen year-old boy traveling with parents. And, oh, try some wine! In Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

Shannon Horton’s story involved “punching down” the grape skins as a ten year-old.

Randall Grahm’s story is more about journey than origin: can you make a quantum leap to achieve something beyond yourself? In winemaking.

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Rhone in the USA Events at Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Free wine tasting at the Smithsonian? That’s a hard sell. (Not.) Maybe if you throw in Randall Grahm pouring his 30-year anniversary Le Cigare Volant…. Oh. Randall Grahm will be there, pouring that wine. (Please note that by “hard sell”, I mean “sign me up”.)

The bad news is that there’s already a long waiting list.

The good news: Team Great Big Reds will be there, and we’ll give you the play-by-play on how good all the wines were.

Seriously: two events… a free wine tasting / seminar on Monday afternoon (6/18, 3-5pm), and Tuesday evening (6:30pm-), a fundraising four course dinner (plus dessert), with each course designed to match the accompanying wine.

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WineSites We Love:!!!)

As a Great Big Reds lover, I thirst for knowledge of big, luscious wines.’s got the goods. is a cheerful, beginner-friendly website with a very pleasant design and lots of short articles on all kinds of wines and things wine-related. The attitude is young and fun. The articles range from short, easy introductions all the way to long, yet very clear explanations of the complexities of wine, wine making, and wine enjoying. They are published as a blog with a few new posts each week.

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